• MScArch, DipTP Grzegorz BUCZEK


    MScArch, DipTP Grzegorz BUCZEK

    Deputy President of the Executive Board of TUP – the Society of Polish Town Planners

    Grzegorz A. Buczek – MSc in Architecture (1976) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Urban Design and Regional Planning & Management (1979) at Warsaw University of Technology. He specializes in urban management, local & regional government policies, development strategies and RE developments. His expertise is focused on the interrelation and codependency of spatial planning and strategic development planning, also on a public participation in spatial and strategic planning and the public – private partnerships in urban developments.

    Between 1990 – 1997 Mr. Buczek worked in high positions of various structures of Municipalities of Warsaw, being involved and responsible for coordinating and planning of various regulations, policies and strategic studies, including as well some pioneering public – private partnership based RE developments (awarded by EBRD in 1995). Mr. Buczek is also involved in a variety of projects concerning urban developments, local plans and policies in other Polish towns. Since 1982 he lectures at the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, and also at the post-grad studies on urban design, spatial planning and town management.

    Mr. Buczek is an expert on the legislation related to spatial planning and town management; he usually represents the opinions of the associations of Polish Architects and Town Planners. Between 2003 – 2010 he was a member of the Advisory Councils on Architecture and Development of Warsaw by the Mayors of Warsaw. Since September 2006 he is an active member of the Advisory Council on Urban Planning and Architecture appointed by Ministers of Construction and by the Minister of Infrastructure. Recently he was introduced to the consulting team of the Minister of Regional Development.

    Co-author of the draft of Polish Policy on Architecture, Quality of Landscape and Public Spaces.

    He has been involved in various assistance programs to Polish local governments such as US AID, Umbrella, PAUCI, Local Government Partnership Program and some co-operation with OECD and World Bank structures (also in co-operation with Urban Land Institute). He has an extensive design and planning experience in Poland and abroad (UK, FR Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, USA) since 1974. In 1997 he began his private planning and consulting practice (in partnership). He works for both public (including various local governments) and private entities (including foreign and Polish RE investors & developers, the international RE consultants and law firms likeDentons, Foster &Partners).
    He writes and publishes numerous articles and works on urban management, land development and on local spatial and strategic planning. For many years he was a member of the Legislative Commission of Associations of Polish Architects – SARP and of the Team of Competitions’ Jurors of the Association. Since September 2009 he is the deputy president of the Executive Board of TUP – the Society of Polish Town Planners. Member of the Polish Council on Architecture – PRA and of the Association for Development of Polish Municipalities – SRGG; co-founder of EPI Foundation and since June 2012 – Chairman of EPI Foundation Council.